MaveDB accession numbers

MaveDB accession numbers use the URN (Uniform Resource Name) format. The accession numbers have a hierarchical structure that reflects the relationship between experiment sets, experiments, score sets, and individual variants in MaveDB.

All public accession numbers start with the string urn:mavedb: followed by the experiment set number (eight digits, zero-padded). Experiments are indexed by letter within the experiment set. If necessary, aa, ab, etc. will follow z. Score sets are indexed by number within the experiment.

Table 2 Example accession numbers

Accession Number



experiment set




score set


meta-analysis using only data from urn:mavedb:00000055


temporary accession number

Meta-analysis accession numbers

Meta-analysis score sets use the special 0 experiment instead of a letter.

Meta-analysis score sets that include data from a single experiment set will use that experiment set’s number. For meta-analyses that use data from multiple experiment sets, a new experiment set number will be assigned for all meta-analyses that include data from the same experiment sets. These meta-analysis-only experiment sets will only contain the 0 experiment.

Temporary accession numbers

When first uploaded, records are given a temporary accession number starting with tmp:. These temporary accessions are not structured according to the record type.

MaveDB URNs are created when the temporary records are made publicly viewable by publishing a score set.